Martijn Dieleman

Martijn Dieleman
Author & Spiritual Seeker

Who I am

Ex-olympian, a professional volleyball player for 13 years, converted into an author and spiritual seeker. Before dedicating myself full time to, what I consider to be, my calling in this lifetime, I worked for almost a decade as a manager in customer service environments. A period in which I learned how to coach people to perform at their best.

After more than a year of helping and coaching people in my spare time, a sudden turn of events in October 2018 led me to take the decision to go full time and turn my life into one of service, to help other people to take control of their own life and live their best version, to overcome fears and to really understand what love is and what living a life based on love really means.


In the past decade, I have educated myself in many areas, like nutrition, coaching, mental health, energetical health and several types of therapy and although I learned a great deal from all of that, I currently don’t base my approach on these learnings. Therefore I decided not to mention any of the certifications I obtained over the years. Simply because they do not represent what I really do.

Through experience, I have learned that fear and attachment are inseparable and that by working on and understanding them, it is possible to eliminate both. In fact, if one is removed, the other automatically will disappear as well.

After many years of personal suffering, I have found that the secret to a happy life is in the undoing and unlearning of certain behaviors, thought patterns and beliefs much more than the learning of new skills and achieving new goals. The things that people really desire will never be possible without facing the things that are holding them back. It can be a very daunting task to face your inner fears and shadows, but once you see what is hiding behind it, you will be forever grateful. It is worth it.

Barcelona, Spain
May 11th, 1979
Goes, The Netherlands
Dutch, English, Spanish